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Did you know personal life stress is reported to account for over twenty five percent of stress in life? Moreover, stress is increasing in the workplace, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic and employees aren’t always reaching out for help. Thus, creating challenges, such as conflicts, workloads, personal problems, etc. 

While stress is indeed a big issue affecting businesses and their employees, it’s not the only reason to create an Employee Assistance Program (EAP.) Businesses can help their workers by taking a holistic approach throughout their life by introducing EAP at the workplace. But what is EAP, how does it work, and why are they important in the workplace? 

Let’s understand the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and determine whether these programs are right for your company.

What is an employee assistance program?

EAP is one of the lesser-known benefits offered to employees to help manage a variety of potential challenges and has a significant positive impact by taking a holistic approach without affecting job performance. 

An EAP provides a wide array of services, like counseling, referrals, basic legal assistance, assessments, nurse advice, and follow-up check-ins for employees who are struggling mentally and emotionally. They also made these services available to the employee’s spouse, children, immediate family member, and live-in partner.

Why Employee Assistance Program EAP?

Imagine one of your top sales representatives who just learned that his son is struggling with alcohol addiction. Distraught and unsure of where to turn, that sales representative is constantly worried about this son while working. Wouldn’t this affect his productivity and job performance? 

However, an introduction to your Employee Assistance Program will help him overcome the challenges and focus on work. Here’s why EAP is necessary for every company.

Increased productivity at work

As mentioned, stress reduces employees’ focus and productivity. However, having an EAP can provide aid and counseling to deal with any emotional issues at home or work, increasing productivity.

Fewer conflicts at work

In case where your employees are having a constant dispute between themselves, you can refer them to EAP. EAP service will connect them with professionals to provide suggestions and advice. They will guide them to manage conflicts and resolve the situation, resulting in fewer disputes. 

Reduced employee absenteeism

Employees with personal issues remain absent from work. However, if they are cared for as a person, they’re less likely to miss work, resulting in decreased absenteeism. It’s been found that employees who use EAP feel cared for at work and are less likely to miss work.

Saves on premiums

We have discovered that mental health challenges account for over sixty percent of short-term disabilities. However, if the company invests in an EAP, then it can reduce this ratio and lower medical insurance usage. The premiums for Medical Insurance are far more than the cost of employee assistance program. 

Increased employee retention

A non-toxic work environment benefits all employees. EAPs help employees stay happy. It also makes them understand the employer is genuinely concerned about their happiness. Thus, increasing the retention rate. 

Bottom Line

Not only is an employee assistance program a cost-effective tool for your company, but it also adds value to your employees’ experience. Moreover, it will give you a competitive edge to attract and retain top talent. When it comes to your sales representatives, having EAP will give your employees access to resources and support, which will help them focus better in their jobs and the company.

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