Hand writing What's Your Plan with blue marker on transparent wipe board.

You may not be familiar with a 30-60-90 Day plan, but it is an important element to landing your dream sales job.

In short, a 30-60-90-day plan is a written strategy for your first three months on the job. It should demonstrate that you understand the responsibilities of the job and are prepared to perform it well.

Creating such a plan to present in interviews is an important part of the sales hiring process and can differentiate you from other candidates.

However, using a template and filling in the blanks won’t work. You must perform research and take the time to develop a plan customized to the specific company, detailing its needs, products, market and more.

 The Basic Outline

A customized, tailored plan is essential, but here are a few tips on how to get started:

30 day

In this section, include the company’s training plan and indicate your plan to learn about products and clients and get to know employees on your team. Start building a pipeline of potential prospects.

60 day

This part of the plan should get into how you’ll work in the field, meeting and visiting clients and prospects, evaluating customer satisfaction, and discussing progress with your manager.

90 day

Here you need to include ideas to grow the company and improve the sales strategy. If applicable closing your first 1-2 sales.

Do Your Research

Customizing a business plan to a specific employer will take a lot of research. Understand the company’s products, problems, market and corporate values. In most cases, research should be able to reveal the company’s strategies and top initiatives.

Begin on the company website, job description and social media profiles, then search for recent news articles. Learn about the founders, executives and hiring managers on LinkedIn. See what they have in common.

If you have a connection within the company, reach out to them and ask for information on its biggest challenges, including competition and industry trends.

Be Realistic

Don’t make promises you can’t keep. While you want show that you will succeed in the job, don’t present phony, unrealistic numbers.

Start with smaller goals and smaller accounts, gradually building up to more ambitious clients and numbers.

Importance Of A Plan

Creating and presenting a detailed, customized business plan shows that you’ve:

  • Done your homework;
  • Analyzed the position;
  • Thoughtfully considered how you can best serve this company in this capacity.

In an extremely competitive job-hunting environment, this plan could be what sets you apart from the other candidates. That’s definitely worth the extra time and effort.