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The decision to invest in company laptops for employees is a significant investment. But it is often the most cost-effective and efficient way to equip sales employees with the best tools. The benefits include increased productivity, mobility, and an all-in-one solution to tech issues. 

It is quite common for a company to provide a laptop when employing sales representatives.  Equipping each sales team member with company laptop is vital as many companies are integrating hybrid working methods, making flexibility and mobility a priority. 

However, it’s easy for employees to draw a blurry line between the business world and their personal lives while using a company laptop for personal use. Issues with privacy, company security, and personal distractions are all factors as to why employees should not be using their company laptops for personal use. 

Let’s take a closer look at the issues that arise when an employee uses a company laptop for personal use.

Company Security Can Be Compromised

Company laptops often contain sensitive information and are typically connected to a broader company network. When sales employees use their work computers for personal use, they risk jeopardizing the company’s security. 

Business can be easily compromised if an employee installs unapproved software or opens a non-work-related email that is at risk of containing a phishing link. Businesses typically install all the software the sales employee needs to do their job effectively. 

Downloading additional software, especially from disreputable sources, can run the risk of accidentally downloading viruses and malware. The same goes for personal emails. 

Issues Over Personal Information and Privacy

Employees deserve to have their privacy respected regarding the company they work for, whether this is financial information or other personal information. When employees use a company laptop for personal use, their personal information is accessible to their employer, whether they intend to allow it or not. 

Storing personal information on a company computer is often red flagged by business security programs, which are typically ruthless. Encouraging employees to refrain from adding any personal data is essential. Otherwise, they run the risk of losing valuable personal information.

Saving Data with Online Shopping

Online shopping on a company computer is a big no-no. The information is often saved for easier purchases in the future, which can put an employee’s financial data at risk. 

It’s easy to get into legal trouble with employees over personal information when a company has unrestricted access to it. It is best if employees keep a professional boundary from employers by keeping their personal information as private as possible. 

Protection of personal information is impossible on company computers which are often installed with top-of-the-line monitoring software.

Mis-using Company Resources

Company laptops are typically a significant investment for any business and are well worth the cost. However, employees may be tempted to use their company computer to operate a side hustle, thanks to the higher specs and better software. 

This can present several issues. No employer wants to see the equipment they purchased for the company used by an employee in a way that does not benefit the business. It is also difficult to discern when the sales rep is working on their side hustle rather than securing their next sale. 

Every business will have different policies that guarantee company laptops are used appropriately by their employees. Ensuring employees refrain from using their company laptops for personal use is important. 

It ensures that business tasks are completed, the company’s security is protected, and no personal information is breached.

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