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Follow these tips when going on a ride along or observation day as part of your interviewing process.

Remember that this is still a formal step in the interview process and perhaps the most important. You will be observed throughout the day. Be professional in dress, speaking, body language and demeanor. Be attentive and eager, remembering to build rapport and ask a lot of questions.

At the beginning of the day, say “I would like to try a sale on my own, but I need to watch you a couple of times first.”

(Note:  It is very important to phrase it this way.) Get involved! If the trainer or rep is moving equipment  or doing a demonstration, roll up your sleeves and HELP!

Remember, the rep will go back with a recommendation on whether you will fit in with the company and do well in the industry. Understand a negative interview! Many companies will have the rep sell negative on the position.

For example:

1. cold call 100% of the day.
2. tell you that you will work long hours, when normal hours actually apply.
3. take you to all the difficult accounts.

CLOSE!!! Thank them for their time.

Leave the rep with this information:

  • You learned a lot and they were very informative
  • You would enjoy working with him / her in the future
  • You want the job and will they be recommending you for the position


IMPORTANT:  Call your ASPIRE Careers representative immediately after the ride along.  We want to speak with you before the company calls back.  We’ll do everything possible to assist you in securing the position.  Please utilize our service to your benefit.