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Nowadays, many pieces of research show that sales employees prefer a hybrid work model, which enables flexibility and better work life balance. Better work life balance equals achieving higher sales numbers.  And today’s sales workers want Hybrid work and not daily commutes. The fact is that many companies have shifted towards doing more work from home due to the whole COVID19 pandemic.

The distribution of information between your sales office and their home has now become a high priority. Even though most COVID restrictions have been lifted, many companies prefer to stay in the Hybrid way of working.

Lots of sales employees value the flexibility working from home has given them in the time of the pandemic. Although it’s important to moderately and slowly return to workplaces and reap the benefits of in-person cooperation, it still seems as if the hybrid way of working is our destined future. Namely, hybrid operating models provide greater flexibility, as it’s not necessary to do all the work in the office.

Like the rest of the world, if you are trying to shift your business to a hybrid way of working, meet the needs of your sales employees by providing maximum flexibility and follow these tips to help you easily and effortlessly do that.

#1 – Effective communication is the key

The hybrid work mode is based on effective and constant communication. Without it, your sales teams simply could not survive this type of shift. Communication is definitely the key to success, but it can sometimes be risky if not done properly.

If communication between the company and its sales employees is not frequent, that can result in certain misinformation on both ends, which will eventually affect the business’s success. With that being said, if you wish to shift your business to a hybrid work-from-home model, your business will need to have a platform to which all the team members have access. On top of that, that online platform must be updated in real-time so that everyone has all the information needed, within their reach, whether they are physically present or not.

#2 – Don’t forget about your core values

In order for a sales team to be successful, a business needs to have some core values to be driven by. Those core values are what keep the company, sales managers, sales directors, and sales employees going. With that being said, they shouldn’t change even if your business shifts to a hybrid work model – the core values should just adapt to that.

#3 – All the sales employees should be equal

Even though it may become hard to track remote employees’ work, managers, directors, and team leaders must adapt to the new workforce. It’s important to hold regular meetings, discuss work, track production, and receive regular feedback from all sales employees.

With that being said, just because a certain team member works from home, it doesn’t mean that they are doing less of a job than personnel in the office. And a successful employer needs to respect that.

The future is hybrid

As we have surely entered the hybrid work-from-home and office era, there’s no going back! The transition to new business-cultural norms will definitely benefit from technologies created specifically for the hybrid world. What we are witnessing now is certainly not the “final version” of the hybrid way of working, but it’s important, especially for sales leaders to adapt to new systems and management approaches in order to lead your sales team to the next level.

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