businesspeople shaking hands in board room

After you’ve spent the time and effort to create an excellent 30-60-90-day plan, you want to make sure to highlight it in the actual interview.

To begin, make sure you have enough information for your plan. Present it in your first or second face-to-face interview, but don’t just hand it over to whomever you are interviewing with. First, you probably won’t be asked for it. Remember, this plan is a way to stand out—not every candidate will have one.

When the interviewer asks a question relevant to what’s in your plan, that’s the perfect time to introduce it to the interview. That question could be:

  • What would you do in the first few months on the job?
  • How would you approach this problem?
  • How would you segment your market/customers?
  • What tasks would you tackle first?
  • How would you prioritize clients?Then you can say, “I’m so glad you asked. Let me show you a plan I created on how I would approach this.”

If you don’t get an obvious lead-in, segue from talking about your relevant job experience to how that’s allowed you to create the plan you’d like to share. Demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about and you can transition into this position with efficiency and effectiveness.

Walk the interviewer through the plan, ask and answer questions, get input and discuss. This makes your interview different than everyone else. You no longer are just giving answers to questions like other candidates. You’re having a conversation—building rapport.

You’re becoming a part of their team. You’re demonstrating work ethic, commitment and other intangibles that don’t show on a resume. This will go a very long way in landing your dream sales job.