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Hiring the right salesperson for the right sales job is the prerequisite for the success of any company. A lay man if hired for a position will leave your company in trouble. Moreover, the sales recruitment process must be talent oriented, and performance based so that your company can experience sales progress by leaps and bounds. Here are some of the widely adopted ways to improve your sales recruitment process.

  • Attractive Compensation Plan

Most of the experienced and result oriented sales representatives are motivated by the attractive compensation and pay package. If your company is not willing to pay an attractive package to talented salespeople, then it will be much more difficult for you to get productive sales results for your company (obviously). So, your package must include a base salary that is ahead of the curve for any particular region, unlimited commissions, health benefits, retirement plans, and other perks such as equity and an expense account. Other incentives like a President’s Club should also be included.

  • Creating A Best Persona

The qualities you are looking for in sales candidates must reflect in your persona. It must include the personality traits, selling styles, experience, educational background, motivation, and vision. It will help your company in completing the sales recruitment process early as only the right sales candidates will be attracted to your company and its culture.

  • An Ideal Job Description Includes Video

The requirements and goals of your company must be clear and rational. The job advertisement should depict the complete job description which the company is expecting from the sales staff. It’s helpful to also add a corresponding video to bring more life to the written job description. Any divergence from the job description will not be welcomed by the employee and it will pose a negative impact on the company. So, the job description must be ideal and exactly according to the goals of the company.

  • Sourcing & Screening Sales Candidates

To speed up the sales recruitment process, sourcing & screening of sales candidates is needed prior to sales candidates being presented to the sales hiring team.  Sales Managers do not have the time to be doing their own sourcing and screening of candidates.  This should be done by internal recruiters or by an expert sales recruitment agency (or both).

  • Sales Demo

Another effective step for hiring the right sales candidates and improving the sales recruitment process is getting a sales demo from the candidates. Choosing the most talented sales staff through a demo step is effective especially when the demo is taken according to the job description of your company.

  • Effective Interview

Your selection of the right sales candidates is dependent upon how you go about your sales interview process. It especially important that your recruiters (both internal and external) as well as the sales hiring team be on the same page. This can be accomplished by all parties being well aware of the sales needs of the company.

  • Expert Assistance

If you think your company needs more help recruiting the right sales candidates faster, consider getting assistance from an expert sales recruitment company like ASPIRE Careers. This expert assistance will help your company get prequalified sales candidates that have an interest in your sales opportunity.
Sales are everything!

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