Not every applicant gets the opportunity to land a sales interview they really want. If you are among those who were chosen for an interview, then you need to show appreciation for being given the chance. A good way to show this appreciation is by sending a follow-up thank you letter. Here you will definitely need to do so in a way that makes you stand out among the other applicants.  Everything you put in writing and give to an employer is an unspoken part of the interview process.

The 3-Step Follow-up Approach

Very few people receive any ‘thank you’ for their job. The impact of your word of thanks after a sales interview will keep you in the mind of the interviewer. There are many ways to follow up after a sales interview but the following 3-step approach will guide you in the right direction.

Hand Written Letter

Deliver a hand written card before you leave the premises for in person interviews. The most appreciated thank you is the hand written letter or card. Nothing shows more dedication than actually sitting down and writing a hand-penned letter. This practice is carried out by so few applicants, which is why it is the most impactful way to thank the hiring manager.

Through Email

The second way of doing a follow-up after a sales interview is through email. With the advent of the digital age and every company now interacting through the internet, emails have become the most popular way to communicate. You can send your thank you email after a couple of hours of any of your in person or phone interviews. Regular mail takes time while emails reach the interviewers instantly. It is best NOT to wait for a couple of days before sending a thank you email.

Telephone Call

The third way to do a follow-up is by a telephone call no later than the next business day after your interview. Leave a 20 second message if you get voice mail letting the interviewer know you appreciate their time spent interviewing you, that you are excited and look forward to scheduling the next step in your interview process. One tip that works well for candidates is when you call the hiring manager or interviewer a day before they said they would call you back. Not to worry though, it is not going to seem as you are being pushy. It will actually make you look good, like you are not going to sit around and wait but take the initiative as you want the position you were interviewed for.

Make sure that how you choose to do a follow-up thank you, you do it in a professional and respectful manner. If you get it right, you will certainly improve your chances of getting hired, or at least create a connection with a person of authority, which is always a good thing for your sales career.