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Working from home is a mode in which employees perform all the necessary work functions from home or from another offsite location they choose (compared to doing the work from a company office). This way of doing business has several advantages, especially when it comes to your sales team.

In today’s global market, hyper-competition, and hybrid work models, one of the keyways to drive sales from your work at home employees is to help motivate them.  

When we talk about motivation, the first thing that comes to mind is the effort vs the reward. In principle, if you aim to have a company full of motivated employees, you must reward them in a certain way. The question remains, how to reward sales employees that work from home. It’s not always about financial incentives, although that helps. The following are 3 ways to motivate your sales team that works from home.

Top-notch at-home work equipment

Remote sales teams need just as good equipment to do their job properly as the personnel in the office. Therefore, one of the best ways to keep your sales employees motivated and ready to put all their efforts into what they’re doing is by providing them with the best at-home work equipment.

Depending on your budget, and the company’s status, you could motivate your sales employees with a desk and an office chair setup, a laptop, printer/scanner and other relevant devices, or some hardware accessories, meaning a good quality microphone, a webcam, or headphones for online meetings

One of the most important things a remote worker needs is the internet, of course. So, providing your sales employees with reliable, fast internet will not only allow them to do their job smoothly but will also give them the will to do it the right way.

Flexibility matters

One of the key things that motivate remote sales teams to actually do their work from home is having flexibility with their schedule. Many people get into sales in the first place because of the ability to have a flexible schedule. So, it’s important for your organization to have in place checks and balances when it comes to making sure the work is getting done. Many sales organizations use certain metrics to measure how well a sales employee is performing.

Motivate employees with development opportunities

When their work always boils down to the same action, and they have to repeat it over and over again, employees can start to suffocate. The same work items, the same position, without any indication or chance for advancement can demotivate even the most ambitious ones.

But you can turn that around! If you offer them an opportunity for advancement or development, your employees will be motivated to work harder and be more productive.

Promotion doesn’t always have to mean a raise or a new position. Improvement can also be in the form of training and courses. Motivate your sales employees by offering them the opportunity to develop their skills, provide more training and improve their knowledge. As a result, your organization’s sales numbers will go up and your sales team will be more enthusiastic about working with you.

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