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Why every employer should be considering a hybrid work model for their company

A hybrid work model incorporates the best elements of the work-from-home movement and in-office convenience. An effective hybrid work model combines office-based, remote, and semi-remote workers to create a work paradigm that optimises business operations.

Companies that adopt a hybrid work model generally see favourable outcomes, with employees enjoying a better work-life balance while working more productively and efficiently.

However, employers may be concerned with a hybrid work model because of the logistic difficulties. Specifically, the ability to monitor employee behaviours and complicated team management. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of instituting hybrid work models and why employers should be considering implementing.

Improved teamwork and relationships

Zoom fatigue, lack of face-to-face interaction, and reduced collaboration amongst employees are all issues to contend with when it comes to entirely remote systems. A hybrid work model addresses these issues by allowing employees to benefit from the best of both worlds between remote and office-based work.

Employees can enjoy a more flexible work environment, whether at the office or in their home. At the same time, a hybrid work model allows for business innovation, collaboration, and better communication can be achieved with face-to-face interactions through in person meetings.

These meetings promote a better work environment with deeper ties, trust, loyalty amongst staff members, and involvement. In-person collaboration allows staff members to interact, speak during break times, and have casual in-person discussions about innovation.

Increased Talent Pools

Hybrid work models allow employers to access a much larger talent pool. Organizations can have the option to draw from a talented local pool or access a global labour market regarding recruiting. Workers have become accustomed to the advantages of working from home and are more willing to apply for jobs with organizations that provide flexible working arrangements. In-demand talents like tech professionals are unlikely to apply for jobs where they are required to work in the office all the time.

To attract the best talent, employers need to offer a hybrid work model that makes a company an attractive place to work. Additionally, employees are more likely to stay on for a longer period when they believe they have a healthy work-life balance.

Higher Productivity Levels

Before the pandemic struck, research was already showing that remote work could increase productivity. Three factors boost productivity: flexibility, concentration, and lower absenteeism. A hybrid work model with remote working as an option addresses all three factors for employees.

Employees have more flexibility with remote working options. They can choose when they want to work and where they want to work. This allows them to balance their duties in the office while keeping a steady and healthy work-life balance.

Despite the benefits of remote work that many workers do enjoy, some employees may find a quiet and private area in an office space with the tools for collaboration and a better working environment. The beauty of hybrid work models is that every employee is able to cultivate the best work environment with the tools they need to be the most productive in business operations.

The Big Take Away

Hybrid work models can offer the most productive working environments for every employee while offering employers the opportunity to operate a thriving business with innovation and efficiency.

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