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Staying ahead of sales hiring trends is critical. It ensures that your company continues employing top talent in the industry and remains competitive. 

Recruiting trends are showing that 2023 is going to be another candidate-driven year. Sales candidates with the right skill sets will have leverage during the hiring process. 

This means that your company must continue assessing its hiring pipeline to attract the best sales talent in the industry. Hiring trends have drastically changed in the last three years thanks to COVID-19. 

Remote work, increased compensation, and employee retention are hiring trends from 2022 that will continue into 2023. Let’s take a closer look at these sales hiring trends.

Remote and Hybrid Work Models

Sales employees have come to enjoy and expect freedom and flexibility in their working lives. Sales job candidates have come to expect remote or hybrid work models to be a consideration in a job offer. 

So much so that top-tier talent will often use it to decide whether or not they accept your job offer. 

Forbes predicts that the global market will not be as candidate focused as in 2022, giving sales candidates more leverage in negotiations. However, sales managers who want to retain their top sales talent are listening to their employees demands and are offering guaranteed flexibility of more and more remote/hybrid work to their new sales recruits.

Gen-Z Expectations

By 2025, Gen-Z will represent 27% of the workforce. They are the fastest-growing demographic in the workforce and will create waves in work culture in the years to come. 

The most important change to note is that to retain top sales talent in a rapidly growing Gen-Z workforce, the employer and employee experience has to be prioritized over the customer’s experience. 

Sales employers have to consider what their employees are looking for in terms of career growth, day-to-day work conditions, and more to retain a Gen-Z workforce. 

According to LinkedIn data, Gen-Z job transitions are up by 134%, while boomer transitions are -4% compared to 2019. What steps will your company take in 2023 to retain top talent in the Gen-Z workforce?

What is Your Employee’s Value Proposition?

2022 was the year of the candidate, and 2023 won’t be much different. Sales reps are looking for roles that align with their values and job expectations, so articulating your value proposition to sales candidates is fundamental.

Employees value work-life balance and flexibility more than ever. Sales leaders talk to buyers about value every day; it’s time to turn that same consideration towards your sales recruits to ensure you’re gaining the best top sales talent in the marketplace. 

Your value proposition could include how your company supports the needs and ambitions of a multigenerational workforce and what quick wins you can provide to achieve a long-term career goal.

Retain Top Sales Talent

Sales representatives are no longer motivated to retain long tenures at companies. They are looking for career growth that aligns with their personal goals and will happily transition to a new company to fulfill that expectation. 

Retaining your top sales employees is important and communicating to your sales team how they can achieve their long-term and short-term goals in 2023, while staying at your company is really important.

What ASPIRE Careers Can Do For You

Building sales teams can be difficult when the market continues to change and shift so rapidly. ASPIRE Careers has 18 years of sales recruiting expertise and has the tools and resources to find you the sales candidates you’re looking for. In a competitive global market, finding top-tier sales talent can also be time consuming. And that is where we step in. To not only make a successful match but to do so in a timely manner.